La Ferme

Nourricière grâce à son potager en permaculture, la ferme permet également de se reconnecter à la nature et à la terre.

The vegetable garden

The vegetable garden allows everyone to feel the present, the seasons, to understand ecology. It is in itself a magnificent field of exploration and teaching.

Our farmer invites you to participate in the work of the farm and to pick the fruits and vegetables. She will explain permaculture, which is inspired by nature and its ecosystems. She will tell you about the importance of insects and biodiversity, and why it is both ancient and innovative. She will also teach you how to design self-sufficient living spaces that respect the environment and living beings.
To ensure the autonomous nature of our farm, 4 rainwater and runoff retention ponds were built on the estate, with the help of Josef Holzer, a leading expert in permaculture.

The animals

Poultry and sheep will soon join the Domaine and form part of the great natural cycle of the permaculture farm.

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