Séminaires & Événements

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Private events

Domaine la Plume is the ideal place to host weddings and other private events: family reunions, cousinades, birthdays, etc. with the possibility of accommodation.


The 9-hectare park and the house with its refined style offer a diversity of indoor and outdoor spaces.Terraces lined with flowering, grassy gardens, a small vaulted room... All the spaces on the residence can be adapted to suit the seasons and your imagination.Be free to choose the setting of your ceremony !

Your reception

The reception hall is bathed in natural light thanks to its large patio doors opening onto the garden level and its unique panorama.As a result, the interior blends perfectly with the exterior, giving you complete freedom to imagine and personalise your decor. The atmosphere becomes unique.You'll be offering your guests a memorable experience - the experience of your celebration !

Your party

Keep the party going until the end of the night in the intimate and festive setting of the vaulted room.This bar and dance area is ideal for getting together with friends and family and keeping the party going.Don’t worry about the sound and lighting, we've got all the connectivity your service provider needs.

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